We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Beauty Products, Botulinums Toxins and other Products

Our company started from a small retail business in 2015. In the fall of 2019, when the popularity of dermal fillers and botulinum products was drastically increasing, we have found our niche and created the Serenity Aesthetics  brand . A few years later in 2017, we decided to take our business online by creating our website premium klass-aesthetics  which was one of our best decisions. Due to permanent and productive cooperation with clinics and straightforward contacts with manufacturers – our company has developed into the international wholesale company we are today.

Since the establishment of our company premium klass Aesthetics, we have never betrayed our main principle – when working with us, the client has to be a winner always. It was the key factor in our success on the international market. Some of our regular customers gave us a jocular motto – “beauty does not require sacrifices with premium klass Aesthetics store,“.

From the first minute of our partnership, you can be sure that premium klass  Aesthetics store is a big international company that provides high-quality products to the aesthetic beauty and orthopedic industry. Our main benefits:

  • Best wholesale prices
  • We supply only original products and have warehouses around the world
  • Our team continually monitors our products whether they meet the highest quality standards and do they have exceptional value
  • Next day shipping with all requirements of transport according to the temperature requirements of products
  • We provide the full guarantee of your privacy policy
  • The customer service department will be happy to assist you, organize quick and optimal worldwide shipment

We are famous for our individual approach to each client, that’s why if you can’t find some product on our website, or you have special requirements to your order, our friendly support team will do everything possible to help you.

So if you are looking for a reliable wholesale partner you can start your business with premium klass-aesthetics StoreEnjoy the best prices for products you need on premium klass-Aesthetics store, We have many loyal customers all over the world